Welcome to Central Dogma

Central Dogma is an open-source highly-available version-controlled service configuration repository based on Git, ZooKeeper and HTTP/2. With Central Dogma, you can:

  • Store your configuration files such as .json, .yaml and .xml into a centralized, multi-master replicated, version-controlled repository.
  • Retrieve your configuration using RESTful API, Java library and command-line client.
  • Let your servers get notified immediately when the configuration files are updated and the new settings are applied without server restarts.
  • Send a pull request for configuration changes and get it reviewed and merged by teammates; much less chance of making a bad configuration change!

Want a quick tour?

Check out the introductory slides:

Give it a try!

Download now and give it a try (Java required):

$ tar zxvf centraldogma-0.37.0.tgz
$ cd centraldogma-0.37.0/
$ bin/startup
<Open in your browser for administrative console.>

Using Docker? Launch our image at Docker Hub:

$ docker run -p 36462:36462 line/centraldogma

Repository service for textual configuration

  • Primarily designed for storing JSON
    • Also supports any text formats such as YAML, XML, INI and even JavaScript
  • Store your start-time and run-time settings, such as:
    • Application parameters and bean properties
    • User and IP blacklists
    • Scheduled maintenance notice
    • Roll-out and A/B experiment parameters
    • Rule engine scripts



  • Keeps full history of configuration changes in Git repositories.
  • Can hold a lot more information than in-memory competitors.

Query and notification mechanism

  • Query your JSON files with JSON path.
  • Watch your files and get notified immediately when they are modified.

Fine-grained access control

Automated mirroring from an external Git repository

  • Keep your settings in a GitHub or GitLab repository.
  • Send a pull request to modify the settings and get it reviewed and merged.
  • Let Central Dogma mirror your settings so they are:
    • Highly-available
    • Queryable
    • Watchable
    • Access-controlled