Central Dogma server is a Java application that requires Java 11 or above. If your system has no Java installed, you need to download and install Java first. Once installed, make sure the java binary is in your PATH or the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correctly.


Download the tarball and extract it into your preferred location:

$ tar zxvf centraldogma-0.67.0.tgz

Startup and shutdown

The distribution is shipped with a simple configuration with replication disabled, so you can play with it immediately:

$ cd centraldogma-0.67.0/
$ bin/startup
Started up centraldogma successfully: <pid>
<Open in your browser for administrative console.>

To stop the server, use the bin/shutdown script:

$ bin/shutdown
Shut down centraldogma successfully.


If you are working with source code instead of binary distribution, you can use the Gradle tasks:

$ ./gradlew startup
$ ./gradlew shutdown

Running on Docker

You can also pull Central Dogma image from Github Packages registry and then run it on your Docker:

$ docker run -p 36462:36462