Central Dogma server is a Java application that requires Java 8 or above. If your system has no Java installed, you need to download and install Java first. Once installed, make sure the java binary is in your PATH or the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correctly.


Download the tarball and extract it into your preferred location:

$ tar zxvf centraldogma-0.52.6.tgz

Startup and shutdown

The distribution is shipped with a simple configuration with replication disabled, so you can play with it immediately:

$ cd centraldogma-0.52.6/
$ bin/startup
Started up centraldogma successfully: <pid>
<Open in your browser for administrative console.>

To stop the server, use the bin/shutdown script:

$ bin/shutdown
Shut down centraldogma successfully.


If you are working with source code instead of binary distribution, you can use the Gradle tasks:

$ ./gradlew startup
$ ./gradlew shutdown

You can also tail the log file:

$ ./gradlew tail

Running on Docker

You can also pull Central Dogma image from Docker Hub and then run it on your Docker:

$ docker run -p 36462:36462 line/centraldogma