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TypeScript is a statically typed language that compiled to plain JavaScript. As you may already have found, This library is written in TypeScript.

When installed via npm, the built JavaScript files are already included and you do not need to worry about TypeScript, but it may be nice to consider using TypeScript for implement what you need.

What's good about using TypeScript

It provides a default type set for mostly used objects in webhook and client and prevent possible typo and mistakes.

const config = {
  channelAccessToken: "", // typo Token

const c = new MessagingApiClient(config) // will throw a compile error

Also, when building a complex message object, you can make use of types for its fields.

const message: TemplateMessage = {
  type: "template",
  altText: "cannot display template message",
  template: {
    type: "carousel",
    columns: [ {
      text: "col1",
      title: "Column 1",
      actions: [ {
        type: "message",
        label: "send message",
        text: "hi, there",
      } ],
    } ],

The object above will be type-checked to have the type of TemplateMessage, and thus ensured not to miss any required field.

Also, literal type is used for type fields, which means the compiler will complain if a wrong type string is used, and also inference the type of objects by its type field.

How to use

The library is built to just-work with TypeScript too, so import the library and there you go.

import {
  // main APIs

  // exceptions

  // types
} from "@line/bot-sdk";

Message object and webhook event types can be also imported from @line/bot-sdk, e.g. TemplateMessage or Event. For declarations of the types, please refer to lib/.