# How to contribute to LINE Bot SDK for Node.js

First of all, thank you so much for taking your time to contribute! LINE Bot SDK for Node.js is not very different from any other open source projects. It will be fantastic if you help us by doing any of the following:

# Development

You can freely fork the project, clone the forked repository, and start editing.

Here are each top-level directory explained:

  • lib: TypeScript source code. You may modify files under this directory.
  • test: Mocha test suites. Please add tests for modification if possible.
  • examples: Example projects using this SDK
  • docs: VuePress (opens new window) markdowns for project documentation
  • tools: Useful tools

Also, you may use the following npm scripts for development:

  • npm run test: Run test suites in test.
  • npm run format: Format source code with Prettier (opens new window)
  • npm run format:check: Silently run format and report formatting errors
  • npm run build: Build TypeScript code into JavaScript. The built files will be placed in dist/.
  • npm run docs: Build and serve documentation

We test, lint and build on CI, but it is always nice to check them before uploading a pull request.

# Contributor license agreement

When you are sending a pull request and it's a non-trivial change beyond fixing typos, please make sure to sign the ICLA (individual contributor license agreement) (opens new window). Please contact us if you need the CCLA (corporate contributor license agreement).