Class CentralDogmaConfig


public final class CentralDogmaConfig extends Object
CentralDogma server configuration.
  • Method Details

    • convertValue

      @Nullable public static String convertValue(@Nullable String value, String propertyName)
      Converts the specified value using ConfigValueConverter if the specified value starts with a prefix followed by a colon ':'.
    • dataDir

      public File dataDir()
      Returns the data directory.
    • ports

      public List<ServerPort> ports()
      Returns the ServerPorts.
    • tls

      @Nullable public TlsConfig tls()
      Returns the TLS configuration.
    • trustedProxyAddresses

      @Nullable public List<String> trustedProxyAddresses()
      Returns the IP addresses of the trusted proxy servers. If trusted, the sources specified in clientAddressSources() will be used to determine the actual IP address of clients.
    • clientAddressSources

      @Nullable public List<String> clientAddressSources()
      Returns the sources that determines a client address. For example:
      • "forwarded"
      • "x-forwarded-for"
    • numWorkers

      public Optional<Integer> numWorkers()
      Returns the number of event loop threads.
    • maxNumConnections

      public Optional<Integer> maxNumConnections()
      Returns the maximum number of established connections.
    • requestTimeoutMillis

      public Optional<Long> requestTimeoutMillis()
      Returns the request timeout in milliseconds.
    • idleTimeoutMillis

      public Optional<Long> idleTimeoutMillis()
      Returns the timeout of an idle connection in milliseconds.
    • maxFrameLength

      public Optional<Integer> maxFrameLength()
      Returns the maximum length of request content in bytes.
    • maxRemovedRepositoryAgeMillis

      public long maxRemovedRepositoryAgeMillis()
      Returns the maximum age of a removed repository in milliseconds. A removed repository is first marked as removed, and then is purged permanently once the amount of time returned by this property passes since marked.
    • cacheSpec

      @Deprecated public String cacheSpec()
      Returns the repositoryCacheSpec.
    • repositoryCacheSpec

      public String repositoryCacheSpec()
      Returns the cache spec of the repository cache.
    • gracefulShutdownTimeout

      public Optional<GracefulShutdownTimeout> gracefulShutdownTimeout()
      Returns the graceful shutdown timeout.
    • isWebAppEnabled

      public boolean isWebAppEnabled()
      Returns whether web app is enabled.
    • webAppTitle

      @Nullable public String webAppTitle()
      Returns the title of the web app.
    • isMirroringEnabled

      public boolean isMirroringEnabled()
      Returns whether mirroring is enabled.
    • numMirroringThreads

      public int numMirroringThreads()
      Returns the number of mirroring threads.
    • maxNumFilesPerMirror

      public int maxNumFilesPerMirror()
      Returns the maximum allowed number of files per mirror.
    • maxNumBytesPerMirror

      public long maxNumBytesPerMirror()
      Returns the maximum allowed number of bytes per mirror.
    • replicationConfig

      public ReplicationConfig replicationConfig()
      Returns the ReplicationConfig.
    • isCsrfTokenRequiredForThrift

      public boolean isCsrfTokenRequiredForThrift()
      Returns whether a CSRF token is required for Thrift clients. Note that it's not safe to enable this feature. It only exists for a legacy Thrift client that does not send a CSRF token.
    • accessLogFormat

      @Nullable public String accessLogFormat()
      Returns the access log format.
    • authConfig

      @Nullable public AuthConfig authConfig()
      Returns the AuthConfig.
    • writeQuotaPerRepository

      @Nullable public QuotaConfig writeQuotaPerRepository()
      Returns the maximum allowed write quota per Repository.
    • corsConfig

      @Nullable public CorsConfig corsConfig()
      Returns the CorsConfig.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object