Class HistoryRequest


public final class HistoryRequest
extends Object
Prepares to send a CentralDogma.getHistory(String, String, Revision, Revision, PathPattern, int) request to the Central Dogma repository.
  • Method Details

    • maxCommits

      public HistoryRequest maxCommits​(int maxCommits)
      Sets the maximum number of commits to retrieve. 0 is used by default which means to retreive all commits. The number of retrieved commits can't be greater than 1000.
    • get

      public CompletableFuture<List<Commit>> get​(Revision from, Revision to)
      Retrieves the history of the files matched by the given path pattern between two Revisions.

      Note that this method does not retrieve the diffs but only metadata about the changes.

      a List that contains the Commits of the files matched by the given PathPattern in the specified repository